You can have your own customized site for ad-free video hosting as well as video distribution to your accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This is a sales and marketing service.

Ads on or around your videos are annoying, and they are getting worse. This service is ad-free, which means no pre-rolls, no roll-overs, no pop ups, no distractions, and no invitations to competitor's videos at the end of your video.

This is a video syndication service, meaning your video is automatically distributed to your own accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and DailyMotion. One upload, lots of exposure, helping with your niche SEO. You want people to find you on page one of a Google search for your key words and phrases. This service will help by giving you lots of quality content in lots of places, quickly, easily and inexpensively.

You can create your own videos, but User generated content is exactly what you want. Imagine your staff or customers uploading videos to your site, for free, right from their cell phones. They can create content for you. They upload a video with a title, description, tags and map coordinates. You, as Admin on, then add your key words and phrases before that video is syndicated to your accounts all over the web, further refining your SEO efforts.

Video hosting up to 1Gb size including full screen HD Quality, PayPal code for "buy it now" ability, and ad-free embed codes to play the video on your other sites or blogs. The internal marketing plan is a 2 x 25% referral commission.

You contact GoDaddy (or wherever) and you register the domain name that fits you best. We'll host your site on our servers, for free. Your replicated site will have all the features and benefits of this site you are on, except it will be working for you and your organization!

Each video requires one credit to activate. Each credit costs $1, which includes distribution to your accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and etc. The initial fee also includes one month of ad-free hosting and embed codes. After 30 days, your video is free to renew. If you don't renew, your video becomes inactive and not publicly visible, but you can always renew for free later.

Who can benefit from this service? Real Estate sales and rentals. Vacation Destinations. Widgets for sale. Anything else that can be marketed by video. 501(c)-3 charities have their videos distributed and hosted for free.

Interested? Contact us: Thanks!

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You can have your own replicated site for your product or service!
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