Mixing alginate dental impression material. Complete kit for sale - click the PayPal "Buy Now" button.


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Dental Alginate Impression Kit. A complete kit: just add water!

Mixing dental alginate impression material. This is phase one of getting an impression of a hand. See the other videos in this series for step-by-step instructions.

Over the years, some of my patients have asked how they could obtain alginate dental impression material for their own projects. I have offered to sell them the materials at my cost, but also pointed out that "it's a technique thing" more than just mixing materials together. Thus this series of videos as a reference!

As these videos demonstrate, very nice alginate impressions can be obtained of children's hands. Infant's hands and feet can also be captured for posterity (hint: best done when they are sleeping!). These unique memories are much more personal and much more fun to obtain than bronzed baby shoes, and at a fraction of the price (see www.memoriesinbronze.com/Price%20List.htm).

Easy clean up with water. Put the big chunks in the trash first, so as to not clog your drains. Watch all the videos in this series for full, real-time instructions.

Intro Kit includes one tub of alginate impression material to obtain your impression, five pounds of stone to pour your impression, a mixing bowl and a mixing spatula. Postage, shipping and handling are included to domestic US locations. Email a request for international shipping: FrontDesk@JPMeyer.com.

$39.95 direct to your door, ships within two business days with credit card payment via PayPal payment to JPMC Corp. Or, kit ships as soon as your check clears. Don't send cash thru the mail.
John P. Meyer, DDS
"The Gentle Dentist"
94 Main Street, Hornell NY 14843 Attention: Alginate Kit.

If you enjoy this, you can order Refill Kits for $29.95. Refill Kits contain one tub of alginate and five pounds of stone.

The examples of hands and feet are not all that can be done with this "plaster caster" technique. You can cast seashells, bananas and other fruits, those little green guy army men, and almost anything else that's not going to get ruined by water. Be creative! Hands, feet and teeth are the only body parts with which I have had success. I suppose, like for the movies, faces and other body parts can be done too, but you do so at your own risk.

The small print: Kit specifically does not include impression trays for intra-oral impressions. Dental impressions of the mouth are best left to trained dental personnel. If used incorrectly, this material could slide down your throat and kill you. So don't try impressions of the mouth yourself.

Again, this kit is being sold "at cost", so please consider all sales final. If it's really that important to you, refunds can be made upon return of the unused portion of the kit (return postage your responsibility), minus postage, shipping, handling and PayPal fees.

Thanks for your time,

John P. Meyer, DDS
"The Gentle Dentist"

If you enjoy this, you can order Refill Kits for $29.95 which includes shipping and handling to domestic US addresses. Refill Kits contain one tub of alginate and five pounds of stone.

If you get serious about this, you can order Bulk Refill Kits. Bulk Refill Kits contain 7 tubs of alginate and 50 pounds of stone for $99.95 plus shipping and handling TBD to your location (shipping will not be cheap!). (TBD = To Be Determined.)

If you get really serious about this, you can order a dental vibrating table (similar to the one shown in one of the videos in this series). The dental vibrating board (or simply "the vibrator" as we snickered about in dental school) gets a lot of the air bubbles out of your impression as it's being poured. The vibrator is available for $99.95, including domestic US delivery. International delivery quotes are available by emailing FrontDesk@JPMeyer.com.

If you get ridiculously serious about this, you can order the water cooled model trimming unit shown in one of the videos in the series. You will need to do some plumbing to attach your water line to the trimming unit. You will need to install a plaster trap in your waste lines to catch all the trimmings, or you *will* clog your pipes! The water cooled trimming unit, a disposable 3.5 gallon plaster trap and plaster trap connecting tubes are available for $599 plus shipping and handling (TBD).
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