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Newfield Covered Bridge video, Ithaca NY
Newfield-Covered-Bridge-video--Ithaca-NY 6846 views : 5192x here,
716x on youtube and more!
The sign says "Built in 1853 and dedicated to Elijah Moore, son of an early settler, this bridge ...
The steepest part of Upper Treman Falls, Ithaca NY
The-steepest-part-of-Upper-Treman-Falls--Ithaca-NY 6241 views : 5684x here,
452x on metacafe and more!
Another descent down stairs, thru a variety of beautiful geology and forestry. Then begins our ...
Taughannock State Park video: the falls themselves! Ithaca NY
Taughannock-State-Park-video--the-falls-themselves--Ithaca-NY 5175 views : 4415x here,
572x on metacafe and more!
The camera shy family, and probably the worst footage of the highest waterfall east of the Rocky ...
Italy travel: New York City approach; French Alps
Italy-travel--New-York-City-approach--French-Alps 7017 views : 4224x here,
1353x on youtube and more!
According to the Perillo website, this is Day 1, when we depart the USA. "Boarding our overnight ...
New York Times Travel Show - overview
New-York-Times-Travel-Show---overview 4661 views : 4621x here,
38x on youtube and more!
A brief overview of the New York Times Travel Show at NYC's Javits Convention Center in February. ...
Overview #2 New York Times Travel Show
Overview--2-New-York-Times-Travel-Show 4367 views : 4210x here,
150x on youtube and more!
Another brief overview of the New York Times Travel Show. This clip shows the steel architecture ...
Asian dancing at the New York Times Travel Show
Asian-dancing-at-the-New-York-Times-Travel-Show 4197 views : 4091x here,
85x on dailymotion and more!
There were several examples of ethnic dancing at the New York Times Travel Show. This was one ...
Driveway 4964 views : 4461x here,
490x on metacafe and more!
Driveway in upstate New York. ...

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