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Day 5: Driving tour of San Juan; beaches of Puerto Rico
Day-5--Driving-tour-of-San-Juan--beaches-of-Puerto-Rico 16872 views : 4565x here,
10882x on youtube and more!
On our way to visit San Cristobal, we took a driving tour of "New" San Juan, Puerto Rico. Royal ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Main salon and outside perimeter of the Mary Anne.
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Main-salon-and-outside-perimeter-of-the-Mary-Anne- 4838 views : 3972x here,
446x on youtube and more!
This is Galapagos Islands travel, Mountain Travel Sobek style. Here we see kids playing at the ...
Day 4: St. Thomas
Day-4--St--Thomas 4355 views : 4197x here,
97x on youtube and more!
Approaching St. Thomas, I explore like Columbus this heretofore uncharted land with my hi tech spy ...
Day 5: Puerto Ricos Old World Fort El Morro from the Ocean
Day-5--Puerto-Ricos-Old-World-Fort-El-Morro-from-the-Ocean 9548 views : 4649x here,
4828x on youtube and more!
Morning at Sea on the way to Puerto Rico. The Old World fort of El Morro at the tip of the island ...
Day 5: Puerto Ricos Old World Fort San Cristobal, part 1
Day-5--Puerto-Ricos-Old-World-Fort-San-Cristobal--part-1 4824 views : 3896x here,
815x on youtube and more!
Feels like a movie set, except these galleons are for real. Dank tunnels and passageways ...
Day 5: Old San Juan walking tour.
Day-5--Old-San-Juan-walking-tour- 17369 views : 4363x here,
12968x on youtube and more!
Old San Juan walking tour back to the Voyager of the Seas. Just can't beat those "old world" ...
Day 6: Arrival in Labadee, Haiti
Day-6--Arrival-in-Labadee--Haiti 42551 views : 6009x here,
34421x on youtube and more!
Labadee, Haiti introduction to the island taken from the balcony of our suite. I think I mistook ...
Day 6: Arrival in Haiti
Day-6--Arrival-in-Haiti 5304 views : 4152x here,
514x on youtube and more!
The Voyager of the Seas glides into Labadee, Haiti. This peninsula is a private retreat for Royal ...
Day 6: Evening entertainment on the Voyager of the Seas - A Tribute to the Temptations
Day-6--Evening-entertainment-on-the-Voyager-of-the-Seas---A-Tribute-to-the-Temptations 6287 views : 3789x here,
2240x on youtube and more!
Royal Caribbean put on a wonderful show every night, and tonight's Tribute to the Temptations was ...
Day 6: Ocean at night; a peek at the Midnight Buffet
Day-6--Ocean-at-night--a-peek-at-the-Midnight-Buffet 4656 views : 4073x here,
482x on youtube and more!
The sea at night and a mostly full moon. A peek at the midnight buffet being set up. Very calm and ...
Day 6: Kiddie Disco; walk thru the Casino
Day-6--Kiddie-Disco--walk-thru-the-Casino 4534 views : 4039x here,
398x on youtube and more!
Royal Caribbean took care of the children's night life as well as the adults. In this selection, ...
Day 6: Midnight Grand Buffet!
Day-6--Midnight-Grand-Buffet- 8594 views : 4345x here,
4090x on youtube and more!
The Midnight Grand Buffet. Spectacular ice, fruit, chocolate and other culinary sculptures. Almost ...
Day 7: Bridge Tour, part 1, Voyager of the Seas
Day-7--Bridge-Tour--part-1--Voyager-of-the-Seas 14455 views : 4998x here,
9341x on youtube and more!
This is the beginning of our tour of the bridge, and what a magnificent bridge the Voyager of the ...
Day 7: Bridge Tour, part 2, Voyager of the Seas
Day-7--Bridge-Tour--part-2--Voyager-of-the-Seas 23591 views : 4660x here,
18706x on youtube and more!
This is the rest of our Bridge tour of the Voyager of the Seas, the flagship of the Royal ...
Day 7: At Sea, tour of parts of decks 11 and 12
Day-7--At-Sea--tour-of-parts-of-decks-11-and-12 6916 views : 4203x here,
2509x on youtube and more!
Deck 11 and 12 pools and views, at dusk. Here it is, the last day, and I'm trying to find time to ...
Day 7: At Sea, tour of the Sports Deck and other locations.
Day-7--At-Sea--tour-of-the-Sports-Deck-and-other-locations- 5526 views : 4154x here,
1270x on youtube and more!
The Sports Deck and too short a view of other locations. A very quick look at the 15th deck ...
Day 7: Last evenings entertainment aboard the Voyager of the Seas
Day-7--Last-evenings-entertainment-aboard-the-Voyager-of-the-Seas 7609 views : 4157x here,
3270x on youtube and more!
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has put on one impressive show after another this week, and the ...
San Diego marina, Carnival Cruise ships
San-Diego-marina--Carnival-Cruise-ships 3942 views : 3341x here,
533x on metacafe and more!
San Diego marina, Carnival Cruise ships. ...
Cruise ship, San Diego
Cruise-ship--San-Diego 4096 views : 3388x here,
655x on metacafe and more!
Cruise ship, San Diego. ...

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