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Mexico City Catholic Church.
Mexico-City-Catholic-Church- 6661 views : 5391x here,
781x on youtube and more!
Service in progress, but respectful videotaping allowed. Real People having Real Fun! ...
Mexico City carpet weaving & soda drinking donkey
Mexico-City-carpet-weaving---soda-drinking-donkey 5082 views : 4170x here,
649x on metacafe and more!
Loom work. Trick donkey! Real People having Real Fun! ...
Mexico City street life.
Mexico-City-street-life- 4905 views : 4387x here,
465x on youtube and more!
Part of our driving tour. Real People having Real Fun! ...
Mexico City bus tour.
Mexico-City-bus-tour- 5960 views : 3257x here,
2237x on youtube and more!
Some of the interesting sites from the upper deck of the bus. Real People having Real Fun! ...

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