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Italy travel: Rome, back on the tour bus with Perillo Tours of Italy
Italy-travel--Rome--back-on-the-tour-bus--with-Perillo-Tours--of-Italy 4877 views : 4148x here,
670x on youtube and more!
Italy travel: Rome, back on the tour bus. Our Perillo Tours Familia is delighted to be sitting ...
Italy travel: Rome, sights from the bus with Perillo Tours of Italy
Italy-travel--Rome--sights-from-the-bus--with-Perillo-Tours--of-Italy 6663 views : 4411x here,
1331x on youtube and more!
Italy travel: Rome, almost back to our hotel. The video shows the Italian High Court, and a view ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Panga to the Giant Tortoises
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Panga-to-the-Giant-Tortoises 5036 views : 4523x here,
273x on youtube and more!
First, our daily briefing summary and Santa Cruz bay. Klaus, our Mountain Travel Sobek guide, ...
Italy travel: Milan dinner and dancing
Italy-travel--Milan-dinner-and-dancing 5944 views : 4452x here,
1274x on youtube and more!
Our Perillo Familia starts dancing at our second dinner in Milan, while the kids make fun napkin ...
London via Philly tarmac
London-via-Philly-tarmac 4297 views : 3778x here,
472x on metacafe and more!
Driving along the tarmac at Philly International Airport on our way to London. Reminiscent of the ...
On the airport bus
On-the-airport-bus 3529 views : 3504x here,
22x on dailymotion and more!
On the airport bus ...

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