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Italy travel: Rome walking past one great site after another with Perillo Tours of Italy
Italy-travel--Rome-walking-past-one-great-site-after-another-with-Perillo-Tours--of-Italy 6383 views : 5514x here,
707x on youtube and more!
Italy travel: Rome. The statues undergoing restoration outside Piazza Navona's church will be ...
Scotland travel: Roslin countryside
Scotland-travel--Roslin-countryside 7569 views : 5348x here,
1470x on youtube and more!
Scotland travel: Roslin countryside, south of Edinburgh. Here we see a cemetery, village, ...
Scotland travel: Castle Campbell, walk up Dollar Glen
Scotland-travel--Castle-Campbell--walk-up-Dollar-Glen 7626 views : 5058x here,
1663x on youtube and more!
Scotland travel: A walk up Dollar Glen from Castle Campbell. Beautiful little water falls ...
Day 3: Walking around the Grand Promenade of the Voyager of the Seas
Day-3--Walking-around-the-Grand-Promenade-of-the-Voyager-of-the-Seas 6786 views : 5265x here,
531x on youtube and more!
The Grand Promenade of the Voyager of the Seas is a stretch of the ship that is cosmopolitan, ...
Day 5: A walk thru the casino on the Voyager of the Seas
Day-5---A-walk-thru-the-casino-on-the-Voyager-of-the-Seas 6779 views : 5469x here,
719x on metacafe and more!
If you're not a smoker, you'll have to hold your breath as you walk thru the casino. Not the best ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Walking the Lava Tube.
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Walking-the-Lava-Tube- 7078 views : 5270x here,
760x on metacafe and more!
This was a great walk through a lava tube. Klaus, our Mountain Travel Sobek adventure travel ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Walking into town from Charles Darwin Research Center.
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Walking-into-town-from-Charles-Darwin-Research-Center- 6044 views : 5089x here,
842x on youtube and more!
Our Mountain Travel Sobek adventure travel group walks thru town. Maybe this particular Galapagos ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Orange pillow lava walk.
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Orange-pillow-lava-walk- 7757 views : 5298x here,
1428x on youtube and more!
In this video, our Mountain Travel Sobek adventure travel group is exposed to several beautiful ...
Galapagos Islands travel: Walking on orange sand.
Galapagos-Islands-travel--Walking-on-orange-sand- 6857 views : 6054x here,
618x on metacafe and more!
Sea lions greeted our Mountain Travel Sobek adventure travel group on the orange sand beach. A ...

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