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Scotland travel: Tantallon Castle
Scotland-travel--Tantallon-Castle 6006 views : 4937x here,
620x on metacafe and more!
Scotland travel: Tantallon Castle, another masterpiece in sandstone, which somehow still stands ...
Scotland travel: Bass Rock, by Tantallon Castle
Scotland-travel--Bass-Rock--by-Tantallon-Castle 8735 views : 4794x here,
3259x on youtube and more!
Scotland travel: Bass Rock is an island rock visible from Tantallon Castle. In it's time, it was ...
Scotland travel: Tantallon Castle panoramic view
Scotland-travel--Tantallon-Castle-panoramic-view 6999 views : 4646x here,
1745x on youtube and more!
Scotland travel: The attempt at getting it all in, in one shot, from the top of Tantallon Castle. ...
Scotland travel: Tantallon Castle, top to bottom
Scotland-travel--Tantallon-Castle--top-to-bottom 5321 views : 4496x here,
623x on metacafe and more!
Scotland travel: Tantallon Castle from the top to the bottom. The stairs are circular in this ...

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