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Robert Treman State Park videos, Ithaca NY
Robert-Treman-State-Park-videos--Ithaca-NY 5976 views : 5824x here,
110x on youtube and more!
Arrival. Tree caterpillars! Poor Man's Steadicam with camera in the bottom position. Part of the ...
Continuing down the trail, Treman State Park, Ithaca NY
Continuing-down-the-trail--Treman-State-Park--Ithaca-NY 7392 views : 6713x here,
628x on metacafe and more!
A long tracking shot down the stairs, actually running to catch up with my family. Fairly smooth ...
Shoreline of Lake Cayuga video, Ithaca NY
Shoreline-of-Lake-Cayuga-video--Ithaca-NY 5949 views : 5730x here,
169x on youtube and more!
Smooth tracking shots with camera still on the bottom of the Poor Man's Steadicam, from the ...
Daisy the bulldog chasing the ducks, Taughannock State Park video. Ithaca NY
Daisy-the-bulldog-chasing-the-ducks--Taughannock-State-Park-video--Ithaca-NY 5801 views : 5575x here,
103x on Veoh and more!
A long, smooth tracking shot, from the puppy's eye level. Watching the kids skip rocks, from the ...
Taughannock State Park Falls video: lower falls and initial walk up stream, Ithaca NY
Taughannock-State-Park-Falls-video--lower-falls-and-initial-walk-up-stream--Ithaca-NY 5626 views : 5431x here,
124x on youtube and more!
Literally walking up the stream, I didn't care for the water splashing up at the camera in it's ...
Taughannock State Park video: out of the river bed, back onto the trail, and back into the stream
Taughannock-State-Park-video--out-of-the-river-bed--back-onto-the-trail--and-back-into-the-stream 6054 views : 5925x here,
115x on youtube and more!
You can't get the sheer steep cliff effect on video. The massive tree roots growing horizontally ...
Taughannock State Park video: the falls themselves! Ithaca NY
Taughannock-State-Park-video--the-falls-themselves--Ithaca-NY 6589 views : 5583x here,
816x on metacafe and more!
The camera shy family, and probably the worst footage of the highest waterfall east of the Rocky ...

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