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Prayer of St. Francis
Prayer-of-St--Francis 2132 views : 2006x here,
119x on facebook and more!
Mayor Hogan starts with a Prayer of St. Francis. The Hornell community came out to the Broadway ...
Hornell High School Choir
Hornell-High-School-Choir 2693 views : 2460x here,
125x on facebook and more!
The Hornell High School Choir sings "I am but a small voice" as the Hornell community remembers ...
Jim Griffin
Jim-Griffin 1969 views : 1842x here,
111x on facebook and more!
Jim Griffin gives a few words at the Broadway Mall Park moment of silence, remembering the ...
Denise Degert
Denise-Degert 2615 views : 2410x here,
167x on facebook and more!
Denise Degert gives a beautiful speech, asking for something which should be expected: peace. ...

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