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John P. Meyer, DDS reception area
John-P--Meyer--DDS-reception-area 26971 views : 26282x here,
553x on metacafe and more!
Welcome to the office of John P. Meyer, DDS, "The Gentle Dentist" in Hornell, NY. ...
Mixing alginate dental impression material. Complete kit for sale - click the PayPal "Buy Now" button.
Mixing-alginate-dental-impression-material--Complete-kit-for-sale---click-the-PayPal--Buy-Now--button- 59211 views : 18227x here,
40529x on youtube and more!
Dental Alginate Impression Kit. A complete kit: just add water! Mixing dental alginate ...
New Visions student at Dr. Meyers office drills out decay & places a tooth-colored filling
New-Visions-student-at-Dr--Meyers-office-drills-out-decay---places-a-tooth-colored-filling 7973 views : 7903x here,
70x on youtube and more!
Dr. Meyer's office is the dental rotation for the New Visions program. In this video, a New ...
New Visions student drills decay & places filling at the dental office of John P. Meyer, DDS
New-Visions-student-drills-decay---places-filling-at-the-dental-office-of-John-P--Meyer--DDS 6611 views
Dr. Meyer's office is the dental rotation for the New Visions program. In this video, a New ...
Hornell 4th of July parade - lining up
Hornell-4th-of-July-parade---lining-up 7696 views : 7330x here,
334x on facebook and more!
Hornell 4th of July parade - here we see the participants lining up. 7/4/15 Video courtesy ...
Motorcycles and machine guns - Hornell knows how to put on a parade! 7/4/15
Motorcycles-and-machine-guns---Hornell-knows-how-to-put-on-a-parade---7-4-15 6916 views : 6494x here,
396x on facebook and more!
Hornell 4th of July parade, almost ready to go. Motorcycles and machine guns - Hornell knows ...
Hornell 4th of July Parade begins with a marching band!
Hornell-4th-of-July-Parade-begins-with-a-marching-band- 7184 views
Hornell 4th of July Parade down Main Street began with a marching band. 7/4/15 Video ...
July 4th parade continues down Seneca St
July-4th-parade-continues-down-Seneca-St 6069 views
The Hornell 4th of July Parade came down Seneca Street on it's way to Main Street. 7/4/15 ...
Hornell fires engines & candy on Main St., 4th of July Parade
Hornell-fires-engines---candy-on-Main-St---4th-of-July-Parade 5582 views
Impressive fire engines were followed by crowd-pleasing candy on Main Street during the Hornell ...
South Hornell fire engines & some of the "Classic Cars" at the Hornell 4th of July Parade!
South-Hornell-fire-engines---some-of-the--Classic-Cars--at-the-Hornell-4th-of-July-Parade- 5917 views
South Hornell fire engines, followed by some of the Classic Cars in the Hornell 4th of July ...
More fire engines and "Classic Cars" in Hornells 4th of July Parade
More-fire-engines-and--Classic-Cars--in-Hornells-4th-of-July-Parade 6644 views
More fire engines and Classic Cars in Hornell's 4th of July Parade. And, lots more candy being ...
Shriners from Perry having fun! At the Hornell 4th of July Parade!
Shriners-from-Perry-having-fun--At-the-Hornell-4th-of-July-Parade- 5719 views
Shriners from Perry having fun at the Hornell NY 4th of July Parade on Main Street. 7/4/15 ...
More participants in the Hornell 4th of July Parade
More-participants-in-the-Hornell-4th-of-July-Parade 5799 views
More participants in the Hornell 4th of July Parade, ending with the New York State "Teen Queen." ...
Prayer of St. Francis
Prayer-of-St--Francis 7296 views : 7170x here,
119x on facebook and more!
Mayor Hogan starts with a Prayer of St. Francis. The Hornell community came out to the Broadway ...
Hornell High School Choir
Hornell-High-School-Choir 7770 views : 7511x here,
134x on youtube and more!
The Hornell High School Choir sings "I am but a small voice" as the Hornell community remembers ...
Jim Griffin
Jim-Griffin 7153 views : 7026x here,
111x on facebook and more!
Jim Griffin gives a few words at the Broadway Mall Park moment of silence, remembering the ...
Denise Degert
Denise-Degert 7858 views : 7640x here,
167x on facebook and more!
Denise Degert gives a beautiful speech, asking for something which should be expected: peace. ...

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